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Looking for real-time status updates on the progress of your reports? Look no further than myInProcess+®, an advanced report tracking and management module featured in the report management system.

myInProcess+® displays real-time status updates on our progress in obtaining the screening information you request. Through this module, you’ll know when research is completed, whether results meet your hiring criteria or if we need more information from you to complete our investigation.

Track background investigations by component
For background investigations, the module allows you to view the results of individual research components as they are completed. And, a full report containing all completed research components can be compiled and printed at any time.

Monitor drug tests from collection all the way to final results
For drug tests, myInProcess+® relays immediate updates from our proprietary TriTrack internal tracking system, which follows each drug test specimen through collection, analysis and results delivery. You’ll see real-time when specimens are collected, arrive at the laboratory and more.

Seamless communication throughout the research process
myInProcess+® also functions as a direct communications channel with Truescreen®. You’ll get timely alerts plus links to secure data entry fields so that you can quickly and conveniently transmit any additional information we may need to complete your reports.