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Truescreen’s SnapScheduling service is designed to relieve you of scheduling and other administrative tasks related to drug and alcohol tests, physical examinations and other OHS services—all you do is provide your applicant with our toll-free number and we’ll take care of the rest.

When the applicant contacts us, a SnapScheduling associate talks directly with him/her to identify the most conveniently located collection or testing sites, set up an appointment with the site and provide any additional information or forms necessary for completion of the test.

All SnapScheduling associates are trained on the specific parameters of your program, to ensure that as they assist applicants, they consistently adhere to your company policy, regulatory requirements and other unique program needs.

In addition, our associates alert you to any issues that may arise with the completion of the OHS service requested. You can track the progress of each test or exam through our Web-based report management system,