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A Rule Change Involving New Hampshire Child Care Laws May Affect Employer Hiring Processes


The state is revoking current allowances permitting an individual to work under supervised conditions in a child care setting prior to receiving the results of a background check. Read More

Atlanta Amends Anti-Discrimination Ordinance to Include Protections for Gender Expression and Criminal Histories


By Rachel P. Kaercher , Wendy Buckingham and William Simmons on November 10, 2022 Read More

More Records Eligible for Sealing in California


California's Governor signed State Bill 731 (SB 731), expanding the number of records that would meet eligibility criteria for sealing. Read More

Colorado Becomes Seventh State to Enact "Clean Slate" Legislation


Senate Bill 22-099 enacts "Clean Slate" legislation in Colorado, allowing for the automatic sealing of arrest records that do not result in a conviction. Read More

Michigan Supreme Court Order FAQs Aim to Clarify Court Record Access


As previously communicated, the Michigan Supreme Court amended Michigan Court Rule 1.109 allowing authorized individuals to obtain access to individual court records, provided that certain ID requirements are met. Read More

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