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California Legislature Passes Pay Transparency Act


If signed into law by Governor Newsom prior to the September 30, 2022 deadline, the act will significantly impact how employers draft employment postings and report pay data to the state. Read More

Pay Transparency Laws Proliferate in New York


By Thelma Akpan and Maureen Lavery on June 9, 2022 Read More

Illinois Amends Equal Pay Act


The Equal Pay Act of 2003 has been amended to clarify an exception regarding wage and salary expectations. Read More

Rhode Island Enacts Comprehensive Pay Equity Law


By Jillian Folger-Hartwell , Gregory Henninger , and Maureen Lavery on July 28, 2021 Read More

Nevada Sets New Restrictions Regarding Wage and Salary History


Senate Bill 293 imposes specific terms regarding the request and use of applicant wage/salary history by employers and employment agencies. Read More

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