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Optimize Applicant Experience

Our dedicated Applicant Services team ensures your applicants receive the highest levels of service and care. Whether we are collecting additional data or just need clarification, our streamlined approach guarantees a positive experience. 

Through our Applicant Services department, we can establish direct communication with your applicants to assist in the screening process. When applicant contact is required, one of our Applicant Services team members reviews the entire applicant file to identify any and all needed items – ensuring your applicant is only contacted once for any required information.  


preresearch icon Pre-research contact
Upon receipt of a request for a background investigation, Truescreen will analyze that request to determine if additional information is needed for the research process, such as phone numbers for references, driver’s license numbers and school locations. This information can be obtained directly from the applicant.
research icon Research support
At points predefined by the client in the research process, Truescreen can contact the applicant to assist in completing and/or expediting any pending research. This can include having the applicant clarify reported contact information or assist in expediting responses to written requests for information.
postresearch icon Post-research verification
Upon completion of the research process, Truescreen can contact the applicant to assist in finalizing or adjudicating any inconclusive research results. This can include obtaining copies of supporting documents, such as copies of diplomas, pay stubs or W-2 forms, or having the applicant provide written explanations of any derogatory results.


service icon Full Service: Ensures a professional full-service solution that minimizes the need for client involvement.
speed icon Speed: Enables faster hiring decisions by opening a direct line of communication and allowing us to more quickly provide clients with complete, actionable information.
efficient icon Efficiency: Facilitates more complete reports, including any supporting documentation and resolved discrepancies, through direct contact with the applicant.
support icon Support: Applicant contact is performed by Truescreen's expert Applicant Services team members, who are thoroughly trained and dedicated to a highly interactive applicant experience.

Even our RFP PROCESS is state-of-the-art.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

The service you provide at Truescreen has been the best I have ever seen in comparison to other vendors I have worked with in the past! You guys rock!

Talent Acquisition Specialist
Retail Store Chain

I am very impressed with your company’s customer service, and the Truescreen portal seems to be an intuitive, user-friendly design.

Learning Coordinator
Public College

Our team loves working with Truescreen and the expedient, thorough service and results we get from you.

Human Resources Executive
Large Hotel Chain

I appreciate all your hard work ensuring that individuals are cleared through our processes. Truescreen makes my job so much easier and less stressful.

Human Resources Analyst
Large Academic Institution

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